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Lynn Butler

General Manager

Lynn Butler, General Manager for Xypex Australia, is a natural at leading and driving change.

Lynn holds a Masters in Human Resource Management and a Diploma of Hypnotherapy, through to being a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programing and Time Line Therapy. She is passionate about driving innovation in all aspects of Service and Value to the Construction industry, through to leading and driving personal growth within teams.  

Holding 35 years of experience within Leadership positions, Lynn has developed a real passion for what makes both business and people successful. Throughout her journey, Lynn has spent many years designing Change Management Programs, with a very strong focus on the alignment of skills and team dynamics. It is through this experience that Lynn has developed a real skill in helping people tap into their own strengths and passions, to identify what they deliver in their own right. As a Strategic Business Partner, Lynn is driven by the somewhat unpredictable global changes that continue to impact business and their competitive environments and it is through this focus that she continues to motivate and empower people to align to their own services and values that they deliver to the industry as a whole. Her approach drives a self-belief in others that having the flexibility to adjust to both business and industry changes, is the key difference in delivering true value.


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