Celebrating 25 Years of Success

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Xypex Australia Celebrates 25 Years

February 2016 sees the major milestone reached for Xypex Australia, celebrating 25 years of providing sustainable solutions to Commercial and Civil Infrastructure throughout Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia.

Xypex Australia was one of the first licensed manufacturers and marketers of Xypex products outside of Canada. What started as a small team in the regional town of Albury has grown into an Australasian success with offices in Albury, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, New Zealand, and Thailand and distribute to Singapore and Malaysia.

Rob Godson recalls the first day he started Xypex Australia in February 1991, “we started from a dot” and stating his initial thought of “how do we get this crystalline technology into the Construction Industry”.  We are proud to say 25 years on, we are the Market Leaders in Crystalline Technology.

Employing over 60 staff Nationally, as well as 32 employees in South East Asia, Rob Godson attributes Xypex Australia’s success to the team, stating that “people and strategic planning over the past 25 years” is the driving force of the continued growth within the business, further stating “Xypex Australia is committed to corporate social responsibility, to assist in addressing Social, Environmental and Economic factors. CSR is not viewed as a regulatory cost, but an investment in addressing Global challenges in working towards achieving Sustainable Commercial and Civil Infrastructure.

Celebrating a milestone only a few months ago, the Grand Opening of the Head Office and Manufacturing Facility, Rob Godson describes it as “another stage in the company’s growth, demonstrating a confidence in the future of what we do and our commitment Globally”.

Xypex is dedicated about sustainability and driven by innovation, daring to push the status quo.

Over many decades, Xypex Australia in conjunction with our Canadian ‘parent’ organisation Xypex Chemical Corporation, has engaged with some of the world’s foremost, reputable and independent research organisations to primarily focus on testing to determine the effect of the Xypex catalytic reaction on the many and complex issues of concrete performance and durability.


“What we do is the proof of what we believe”.


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