Ecotec Silica Fume

Silica Fume is a high performance, densified silica fume powdered product, derived as a by-product from the production of Ferro Silicon using the arc furnace method. Used in pre-mixed concrete for enhancing mechanical properties of concretes with special performance requirements, including increased strength, reduced permeability, improved abrasion resistance and increased corrosion resistance.

Silica fume consists of very fine particles. Because of its extreme fineness and high silica content, silica fume is a highly effective pozzolanic material. Being a highly reactive pozzolan, silica fume chemically reacts with the calcium hydroxide present in the cement paste, creating a stronger calcium silica hydrate 'making it sticky'. The result is improved paste to aggregate bond (excellent for shotcrete) and higher concrete strengths. Silica Fume is typically grey in colour and is categorised as a supplementary cementitious material (SCM). Silica Fume is compliant to AS/NZ 3582.3:2002 and is described as a Densified Amorphous Fumed Silica.

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Silica Fume can be used to produce all grades of concretes. The chemical and physical properties of  Silica Fume can greatly enhance the strength performance and the bonding properties of concrete. Silica Fume can be used in various applications and projects: Commercial, Civil, Mining and Marine projects. Silica Fume is suitable for inclusion in general concrete mix designs and in particular has application in high strength/ performance concretes and shotcrete / spray mixes.


The addition of Silica Fume can provide;

  • Increase compressive strength
  • Reduces chloride ion permeability
  • Increase abrasion resistance
  • Enhanced sulphate resistance
  • Improved durability
  • Enhanced resistance to chemical attack and deterioration
  • Increase bond strength
Silica Fume Bag

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