Ford Assembly Plant: Broadmeadows, VIC, Australia

In 1995, rectification works utilising Xypex crystalline repair products were conducted on the airhouse concrete slabs, located above the paint shop areas of the Ford Assembly Plant, Broadmeadows, Victoria.

The purpose of the airhouse is to create an air flow, of a relatively constant temperature and humidity, into the paint shop so as to achieve the best environment for consistent paint application.

As there was a considerable amount of moisture present in the airhouse, water penetration through the concrete slabs over many years had led to corrosion of the reinforcement, particularly on the exposed soffit of the slabs, which in turn caused the concrete to spall. Constructed in the late 1950's as part of the original construction of the assembly plant, the strength of the concrete, thickness and cover of reinforcement steel were all unknown.

In 1995, Clive Steel and Partners, Consulting Structural and Civil Engineers, were engaged to conduct a condition report and put forward a method of remediation.Together with personnel from the Xypex Melbourne team, a methodology was developed which incorporated the use of Xypex crystalline repair products, to remediate the cracked, damaged and spalled areas of concrete and to prevent further corrosion of steel reinforcing.

Xypex Marketing Services Pty. Ltd. a concrete repair specialist company, were engaged to carry out the works, which were successfully completed January 1996.

Engineer's Inspection Report by Clive Steele Partners - 2009

A subsequent inspection of the completed repair works 14 years later in August 2009 by Clive Steele Partners revealed no moisture penetration through the slabs and that the slabs were completely sealed.

The inspection report initially states, "The airhouse slab was previously inspected by this office in 1995. At that time, several leaks were noted through the slab and the subsequent corrosion of reinforcement had caused concrete to delaminate and spall off the soffit in several areas".

Furthermore, the report concludes on the Xypex repairs, "No moisture penetration to the assembly floor below has been reported by Ford. At this stage, we believe that the repairs carried out in 1995 are performing satisfactorily and the slab is structurally adequate".

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