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Hello and welcome to our March 2015 addition of our E-News.

Globally, we are continually faced with many growing sustainability issues in Concrete Infrastructure and organisations working towards Corporate Social Responsibility . Xypex Australia embraces Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously and is considerate and conscious of all financial and environmental factors that may impact on society. In recognition of this responsibility, in 2010, Xypex Australia implemented research and investigation programs to support the development of whole-of-life sustainable construction philosophy. By increasing the durability and service life of Civil / Commercial infrastructure and providing long term gains and benefits to not only the Building and Construction Industry but also society as a whole, sustainability in concrete structures can be achieved.

By increasing the service life of our clientele’s assets, we will provide significant cost and environmental benefits in extended maintenance periods, whilst  also contributing to socio- economic development as a testament to our communal responsibilities. Over many decades, Xypex Australia in conjunction with its Canadian ‘parent’ organisation Xypex Chemical Corporation, has been engaged with some of the world’s foremost, reputable and independent research organisations and engineering firms to primarily  focus on testing to determine the effect of the Xypex Crystalline Technology on numerous and complex issues regarding concrete  performance and durability .

Concrete structures generally experience actual service life much less than design service life due to penetration of various harmful substances into the concrete. By significant reduction of the concrete permeability through installing repetitively reactive ‘self- healing’ properties of crystals formation in concrete pores and cracks, concrete structure will be able to combat varying physical, chemical factors, and environmental exposure conditions which significantly influences  serviceability  of the concrete structure. In grasping the concepts of sustainability by planning and designing to achieve high performance concrete, Xypex  crystalline  technology can be the most beneficial method, if supported by a comprehensive and ‘quality’ data, to facilitate greater accuracy of extrapolation and improved ‘predictability’ of performance.

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Rob Godson - Managing Director

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