Singapore Green Building Council - Holistic Approach to Sustainable Development

In line with Xypex Australia's commitment to" Sustainability In Concrete Structures" practices and in support of our strong belief in our obligations to not only be, but be seen to be, a Group committed to our Corporate Social Responsibilities. Mr. Chan Ah Lam PBM, the Managing Director of Jingslink Marketing Pte. Ltd., Xypex Australia's long time and exclusive Distributor for Singapore attended a Singapore Green Building Council event presenting theme's that support a "Holistic Approach to Sustainable Development" on Firday 22nd February. The presentation focused on the Singapore Green Council philosophy of "Re-thinking of product and process is essential to improving sustainability issues within the built environment industry requiring cooperation in the development and the entire lifecycle."

Xypex products, Xypex Admix C-1000 NF, Xypex Admix C-5000, Xypex Concentrate and Xypex Modified are rated Gold Plus under the Australian GreenTag system. Following the successful approval of Xypex Admix C-1000 NF by Singapore Green Council Mr. Chan is now leading the process to seek further approval from the SGBC for rating all Xypex products. Further to this, Australia GreenTag are also in negotiations with the SGBC to complete an agreement that the Australian GreenTag approval and LCA rating will be recognised for Singapore construction.

Photo: Chan Ah Lam PBM, Managing Director of Jingslink Marketing Pte. Ltd. (far right) in attendance at the Singapore Green Building Council event in company with the President and Directors of the nights co-organizers Singapore Institute of Building Ltd., of which Mr. Chan is a founding member.

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