To Replace or Renew? - Project costs reduced by 75%

Faced with the prospect of a $1.2 million replacement cost, Consulting Engineer John Montgomery worked closely with Iluka Engineers to develop a strategy for the reinstatement of the Iluka Minerals Process Water Tank's utility. What eventuated was a saving of approximately $900,000 and reduced down time of 14 days due to the use of  Xypex Admix C-5000 and Kuniseal C-31 DS and an extended service life.

Built early 1970 with an approximately 1.4 million litres capacity; the 25 metres wide, 3 metres high, steel-walled tank with a concrete foundation had become unserviceable due to corrosion around the base.

Approximately 45m3 of Xypex Admix C-5000 dosed shotcrete was sprayed up against the existing metal walls, with approximately 100 lineal metres of Kuniseal C-31 DS placed throughout the floor wall intersection.

On completion of the repairs, the tank was filled and while initially there were a number of minor leaks, these reduced to zero within 10-14 days, as the Xypex crystalline development took place. The structure is now fully 'returned to service' and remains watertight.

Iluka Minerals process water tank, Geraldton, Western Australia.

For your next project, will you replace or renew?

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