Corporate Social Responsibility

As a part of our commitment to the community and environment, Xypex Australia takes Corporate Social Responsible (CSR) very seriously. We believe CSR plays an integral part in addressing social and environmental factors that impact on society.

Xypex Australia, embraces Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) through all business functions and strategies, to encourage and engage a positive impact through its business activities on the Environment, Employees, Consumers and the Community.

Aligning and incorporating (CSR) within business processes and integrating the outcomes across all operational functions provides the transparency that increases the engagement of our people that reflect both social and economic benefits.

Corporate Social Responsibility Xypex Australia

Corporate Social Responsibility is not just viewed as a regulatory cost, but an investment in addressing social and economic factors that affect the community, this is evident with selected products within the Xypex product range being Green Tag Certified.

Through careful integration, both tangible and intangible outcomes are achieved that build social value that is cost effective and assists with environmental factors, by increasing the life of Commercial and Civil Infrastructure and reducing maintenance costs.