Durability Assessments

Is it time to take a good hard look at your concrete assets? Are you struggling with deteriorating and ageing concrete structures?

Have you ever wanted to review and assess your concrete assets for serviceability and maintenance?

Plan for your maintenance and understand how to extend the service life of your concrete assets through Xypex durability assessments. The Xypex durability assessment team specialise in assessing the durability and serviceability of your concrete assets.

Bring your assets back to life with the help of Xypex. Download our app today to use our FREE Level 1 Durability Assessment Function or contact our office to speak with a Xypex consultant today.

Ongoing assessments of concrete infrastructure are critical to successful asset management.

Offering all levels of inspection, Xypex Australia can assist asset owners in better understanding the general serviceability of their concrete infrastructure. This allows the asset owner to better plan for ongoing maintenance and budget requirements whilst also identifying areas of concern before they become a major issue.